Principles for Kwantlen



The KFA is guided by the following principles for Kwantlen Polytechnic University:

Collective Bargaining – Faculty have the right to free collective bargaining through membership in the Kwantlen Faculty Association. The KFA represents the employment and professional interests of all faculty.

Academic Freedom – The principles of academic freedom in teaching, scholarship, professional and institutional activities must prevail in policy and practice.

Equity – Kwantlen must uphold the equal rights of all faculty and support measures that maintain its structures of equitable compensation and treatment.

Teaching – Kwantlen is a teaching university, and student learning is the main priority in faculty workload and institutional resources. 

Research and Scholarship – University status must mean greater opportunities for research and scholarship for individual faculty members, in the modes and fields of their choice. Resources provided to support research and scholarship must be allocated in an open and transparent manner.

Support for Faculty – Kwantlen must commit itself to providing sufficient and effective resources to support teaching, research, and scholarly activity.

Faculty Autonomy and Governance –The KFA supports a shared governance model that recognizes faculty autonomy in educational matters and promotes democratic participation of individual faculty members as well as faculty as a whole.  The role of the KFA, as the exclusive bargaining agent, and the applicability of the collective agreement will not be diminished by university status.

Comprehensiveness – The KFA supports Kwantlen offering a wide range of funded programs, including trades, developmental, career and academic.

Integration of Programming – Kwantlen must continue to ensure laddering and bridging so that students can move easily among certificate, diploma and degree programs.

Community Responsibility – Kwantlen must respond to and meet the needs of the communities it serves in providing access and programs to all citizens.

Consultation – Kwantlen Faculty Association, BC Government and Service Employees Union and Kwantlen Student Association representatives must be an integral part of planning for the future of the institution and its governance.

Approved by the General Membership September 24, 2012