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Renewing Post-Secondary Education 2.0

The 33rd FPSE Annual General Meeting and Convention was held this year in Nanaimo from May 15-17. A total of 17 KFA members attended, 15 as delegates and 2 as chairs of FPSE Standing Committees.



The theme of the convention was, “Renewing Post-Secondary Education 2.0.” This theme was taken from an FPSE report, Charting a New Course 2.0: Renewing Post-Secondary Education in BC. The main recommendations in that report deal with such issues as improving funding for public post-secondary education, improving policies for recruitment and retention of faculty, and changing BC’s system of trades training and apprenticeships.



Delegates to the convention came from 19 member locals from post-secondary institutions across the province, and delegates debated and discussed numbers of issues related to strengthening and advancing the concerns of members.

Delegates also heard a number of guest speakers. Nora Young, CBC radio Spark program host, spoke about “Big Data” and the techno-informational/educational world we all inhabit. Daniel Mallet, from the CLC, spoke about the CLC member engagement campaign, “3 000 000 Conversations.” Jim Sinclair, President of BC Federation of Labour, spoke about the recent election results and the impact they will have on Labour Unions in BC.



The executive council of FPSE was elected during the AGM and Convention. Cindy Oliver continues as President, George Davison as Secretary-Treasurer, Dominique Roelants as 1St VP and Frank Cosco as 2nd VP. The 2 Members-at-Large were elected from the Presidents’ Council and our KFA President, Terri Van Steinburg, and Leslie Molnar from College of the Rockies Faculty Association were elected to these positions.



As well, the annual budget and workplan were proposed, debated, and amended and approved. In summary, the work plan includes:

1. Working with our allies in the labour movement and community organizations to present a plan for  comprehensive reform. Those reforms would include:

  • Measures that translate into increased funding for public post-secondary institutions through improvements in their annual operating grants and their capital spending account.

  • Work with our allies in the Canadian Federation of Students to improve affordability by pressing governments to strengthen student grant programs, increase student financial aid and lower overall cost of tuition.

  • A thorough review of the provincial funding formula for post-secondary institutions with recommendations for improving how that funding supports better access and delivery of all programs at our institutions.

  • An overhaul of the province's trades training and apprenticeship system to ensure greater input from educators and workers as well as greater utilization of our public institutions for delivering that training.

  • A commitment to improve the policies and funding that support the delivery of developmental education within our post-secondary institutions.

  • A sustained effort to more effectively utilize the network of existing public post-secondary institutions to deliver  a broad range of English Language Training programs.

  • A plan to re-regulate private post-secondary institutions and include educators in the oversight of those institutions.

  • A revitalization of University Transfer programs including Liberal Arts programs to ensure that these programs play an integral role in the learning opportunities available to every student in post-secondary education.

2. Expanding the opportunities for research and scholarly activity by:

  • Ensuring all post-secondary institutions have equal access to provincial and federal research funding.

  • Making the support of professional development a key priority in the next round of provincial-wide post-secondary education bargaining.

  • Advancing the issue of academic freedom within our membership to ensure that protections are in place to guard against unwarranted censorship or limitations placed on faculty research, professional development or scholarly activity.

3. Democratizing post-secondary governance structures by:

  • Pressing the provincial government to amend the Advanced Education Statutes Amendment Act which effectively bars our local activists from standing for election as the faculty-elected representative on the board of their local institution.

  • Ensuring that faculty representatives have a majority voice within every institution's academic governance structures as well as the province's degree granting process.

  • Creating greater awareness among faculty members of the importance of governance by providing workshops and educational material on this issue to every local.

4. Strengthen the rights and benefits of all members by:

  • Joining with the broader labour movement's campaign to overhaul BC's labour laws and employment standards, a campaign that will make it easier for workers to form or join a union.

  • Supporting the efforts of non-regular faculty who need stronger contract language in their local agreements to address the issue of regularization.

  • Continuing to support the efforts of every local to organize the unorganized in their regions.

  • Coordinate our bargaining efforts to ensure that recruitment and retention priorities at the institutional level translate into improvements in our salary scale, stronger employment security provisions, especially for non-regular members, measures to address the issues of workload and work-life balance, and improvements to the College Pension Plan.

 From: Plan 2013-2014_0.pdf

Other discussion included looking at reports and a survey. These included the report of a working group that looked at the effects following from removal of mandatory retirement. This report was discussed and the convention voted approval of the recommendations outlined in that report. The College Pension Plan member survey results were reported and discussed. The ESL Caucus presented a report: Making Sense: Reforms and renewal needed within BC's English language training network.

For more information, please have a look at the FPSE 2013 AGM website.



2013 KFA Election Results

An election was held for the position of Secretary-Treasurer. The candidates were Suzanne Pearce and Joel Whittemore.

170 votes were cast between May 1 and May 10, 2013. The successful candidate is Joel Whittemore.


Kyla Rand

Chief Returning Officer


KFA and KPU reach Tentative Agreement

I am pleased to announce that the Kwantlen Faculty Association and Kwantlen Polytechnic University have reached a tentative agreement to renew the Collective Agreement.

At the meeting on May 8th 2013, the KFA Executive voted to recommend approval of the tentative agreement to the membership. As well, the Executive decided to conduct an electronic ratification vote.

Highlights of the tentative agreement:

- 2 year term

- 4% Salary Increase compounded

- General Holidays

- PD Groupings

- Expedited Arbitration

- Joint LMRC Sub-Committees

- Chair and Coordinator

- Directed Studies

- Joint Committee on Academic Title

- Workload Committee

Full details of the tentative agreement and voting process will be made available in the near future on the “Members Only page of the KFA website.

Bob Davis

Terri Van Steinburg

Michael Adams

Jeff Shantz

Diane Walsh

Raphael Lagoutin


2013 KFA Election is Now Open

The election for the KFA Executive position of Secretary Treasurer  is now being held per By-Law 7.5. Voting opens on May 1, 2013 and closes at midnight  on May 10th 2013.

There are two candidates for this position

•             Joel Whittemore

•             Suzanne Pearce

To view each candidate's statement  and to cast your vote go to E-Vote Login for KFA Elections.  Please note: you will need your Banner ID to enter the voting booth. 

If you have any questions concerning your login or password  please contact Kyla Rand and for anything else please contact me.

Terri Van Steinburg

Officer Responsible for the Election


Scenes from the 2013 AGM

2013 AGM

2013 AGM

2013 AGM

Cindy Oliver, FPSE President

2013 AGM

Terri Van Steinburg presenting a thank you gift to Susan Saint for her service on the              Executive


List of faculty acclamations for the 2013 Executive:

·         Gillian Dearle, VP – Grievances

·         Diane Walsh, Member-at-Large

·         Douglas Torrance, Science/Applied Science

·         Beverly O’Malley, Community & Health Studies

·         Bill Burgess, Social Sciences

·         Wendy Belter, Learner Support/Co-op

·         Raphael Lagoutin, Trades/Technology

·         Mark Pritchard Applied Arts

·         Tanya Boboricken, Qualifying Studies

·         Jeff Shantz, Human Rights & International Solidarity

·         Panteli Tritchew, Ombudsperson

·         Tally Wade, Union Counselling

Congratulations to each of the candidates!

For a list of current Executives, go to Executive Representatives.

An election will be held for the position of Secretary-Treasurer. The candidates are:

·      Suzanne Pearce

·       Joel Whittemore 

Candidate statements will be available shortly on the KFA elections website. Voting will begin on May 1 and will close on May 10, 2013.

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12 MARCH 2013 

FYI Faculty Members:

CAUT, the Canadian Association of University Teachers, has issued revised guidelines on copying rights.  

Please see the revised guidelines on the CAUT website.


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