FPSE President's Comment

7 MARCH 2013


International Women’s Day 2013

   On March 8, we mark International Women's Day. It's a moment of both reflection and solidarity. Yes, what women have been able to achieve in terms of equality needs to be celebrated, but not as a static point. Truthfully, it’s simply one step on a long march to real equality.
   It's also important to remember that the gains that women have made in areas of real equality and real security were the result of enormous struggle, often over many decades. Those gains were achieved at bargaining tables, through legislative change and dedicated political action on the part of millions of women, not just in Canada, but 

around the world.
   Our Federation has been part of that struggle and has contributed to those gains. We have negotiated regularization language in our collective agreements to combat the systemic barriers that are all too common in many post-secondary institutions across Canada, barriers that have prevented women from equal and secure access to full time teaching positions. We have also ensured that our provincial salary scale is based on years of teaching, not subjective (and often gender biased) measures like merit or department. We have also negotiated substantial improvements in our benefit plans that protect a woman's income during maternity leave. We have also made sure that women in our sector have an opportunity to enhance their retirement income by negotiating provisions to buy back pensionable years of service.
   Unfortunately, women in Canada still face some major struggles. For example, our federal government, under Stephen Harper, continues to attack critical parts of Canada’s social infrastructure, an infrastructure that supports equality for all, especially women. The Conservatives have also attacked the right of unions to freely bargain with their employers, a move that threatens the capacity of women to secure real progress when it comes to issues like pay equity. Under the guise of austerity, the federal Conservatives have also cut billions in funding for critical programs, programs that were advanced decades ago as part of an equality agenda that helped raise minimum standards of employment and income security for every Canadian. As we have done in the past, women will play a critical role in mobilizing their community to fight back against these regressive measures.
   So this March 8, I will be joining women in my community not just to remember what we have gained, but to mobilize and build on that success, to make sure our voices are heard, to join with others and to organize for the equality we all deserve.


News & Updates - 2012


Dear KFA members,

At the January 15, 2013 General Meeting of the KFA, the members in attendance voted to recommend approval of the 2012 Bargaining Priorities. The meeting also voted to hold an electronic vote on the priorities.

Please be sure to vote by the deadline of Wednesday, January 23, 2013, at midnight.

Your participation is greatly appreciated!


Your KFA

Link to 2012 Bargaining Priorities - KFA Electronic Vote for 2012 Bargaining Priorities

Please note you will need your Banner ID to enter the survey. Can't remember your username or password? Click here. Questions? Contact Kyla Rand (604-599-2152) or by email Kyla.Rand@kwantlen.ca





IMPORTANT! Please mark your calendars!!!


KFA General Membership Meeting

Tuesday, January 15, 2013
3:30 – 7:00 pm
G1205 B&C, Cedar Building
Surrey Campus


On the Agenda: Approval of the Bargaining Priorities.


Available Now: Bargaining Survey Results

The Working Conditions Committee is pleased to make available for all KFA members the results of the Faculty Bargaining Survey. Please log in to the members-only part of the website to see all the results.


Your Working Conditions Committee

The Working Conditions Committee (WCC) shall maintain and develop the interests of the members. The Committee's special area of interest shall include the negotiation with the Employer regarding salaries and benefits to faculty, status, regularization, and other conditions of employment.

More information:  Article 12.0.1 of the KFA Constitution & By-Laws

  • Bob Davis (Chair)
  • Terri Van Steinburg (Ex-officio)
  • Michael Adams (Science/Applied Science/Hort)
  • Gillian Dearle (Humanities)
  • Jeffrey Shantz (Social Sciences)
  • Anita Braaksma (Business)
  • Sandy Fraser (Applied Arts)
  • Pam Stadnyk (Community & Health Studies)
  • Bob Hiltz (Trades/Technology)
  • Wendy Belter (Learner Support)
  • Diane Walsh (Access)
  • Raphael Lagoutin (Non-Regular Faculty)




Fall 2012 KFActs now available!

To view the most recent newsletter, click here



Dear KFA members,

On behalf of Bob Davis, Vice-President—Negotiations, and the Working Conditions Committee, the 2012 Bargaining Survey is ready for you to complete. The KFA has developed an online survey that is completely anonymous and will take 5-10 minutes to complete.

Please be sure to complete your 2012 Bargaining Survey by the deadline of midnight, Sunday, December 16th. Your information is important as we move into negotiations with Kwantlen Polytechnic University.

Your participation is greatly appreciated.

your KFA

Link to 2012 Bargaining Survey - KFA Member Only Web Area

Please note you will need your Banner ID to enter the survey.

Questions?: Contact Kyla Rand (604-599-2152) or by email Kyla.Rand@kwantlen.ca)



KFA General Membership Meeting

Date: Monday, September 24, 2012
Time: 3:00-5:00 pm
Place: Room 1205, Cedar Building, Surrey Campus


As per article 12.0.1 of the KFA Constitution, elections will take place for Working Conditions Committee (WCC) representatives from each faculty group as defined by our constitution. This committee will begin the important work of preparing us for the next bargaining round. This committee of the Association will be made up of representatives from the following areas:

• Science/Applied Science Studies/Horticulture
• Humanities
• Social Sciences
• Business
• Applied Arts
• Community and Health Studies
• Trades/Technology
• Learner Support/Co-op
• Qualifying Studies and Access
• Non-Regular Faculty
• Status of Women

An election will also take place for a Langley Campus representative for the Labour Management Relations Committee (LMRC) as per article of the KFA Constitution.

Download a nomination form here.


Labour Day 2012

August 31, 2012 - FPSE President's Comment


Monday marks a special day across Canada. Many think of it as the last weekend of summer, the last day before the start of the Fall semester in our post-secondary institutions or the start of school for kids in K-12. But Monday is far more important than that. It's Labour Day, a time to pause and reflect on the important changes that unions and unionization have made to our communities, our province and our country

Look around your community and the impact of unions is everywhere. The eight hour day and "the weekend" are the result of unions fighting hard to make those the standards that would apply to everyone. Unions have also pressed for better and high standards of health and safety in every workplace, standards that have the force of law and apply to every worker. Unions have also been advocates for public services and public infrastructure; unions have championed the creation of strong social programs designed to provide universal access to high quality services for every citizen.   Read more...

KFA Opposes KPU Signing Access Copyright Licence Agreement

June 26, 2012


Your Kwantlen Faculty Association is concerned that Kwantlen intends to sign the Association of Universities and Colleges Canada-Access Copyright model licence agreement by June 30, despite opposition from faculty and students.

The proposed agreement contains clauses that could restrict scholarly communications, limit faculty members’ ability to communicate with students, and will require the implementation of survey instruments to monitor bibliographic data of works being copied. Just what this survey instrument will entail is unknown. This agreement also limits fair dealing—just when Bill C-11, which has passed the House of Commons and is now at the Senate, will expand fair dealing for educational purposes.


More about Access Copyright:


Unions File Court Challenge of BC Liberals’ Advanced Education Amendments

June 11, 2012 - FPSE News


Bill 18 Undermines Charter Rights Say Union Presidents

Two labour groups representing post-secondary education workers filed notice today in the B.C. Supreme Court of a constitutional court challenge to the B.C. Liberals' recently adopted Bill 18, the Advanced Education Statutes Amendment Act.

Cindy Oliver, president of the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators (FPSE) and Darryl Walker, president of the B.C. Government and Service Employees' Union (BCGEU) joined forces to ask the court to overturn parts of Bill 18, which bans union activists from serving on college, institute and university Boards of Governors.  Read more...

Advocacy at Work: Defending Members, Advancing Rights

May 30, 2012 - FPSE


Universities Have Been Taken Over by Administrators

May 23, 2012 - Vancouver Sun


By Barry Cooper - For the past few weeks I have been working at the University of Erlangen in Germany. Apart from congenial students and colleagues, the most impressive aspect of the place is its lean administrative structure compared to what I’m used to. It got me to thinking.

Of course, universities have always had administrators, and the Germans are no exceptions. And they do love titles: the rector, for example, is styled “Your Magnificence.” In North America, such exalted personages, though with less grandiose labels, historically have been recruited, often reluctantly, from the faculty for limited-term duty. When I was an undergraduate at the University of B.C., the dean and later president, Walter Gage, taught calculus to engineers. Those days are gone, perhaps for good. No longer do academics set priorities for university life. Today, administrators make the rules and control the agenda. Read more...

2012 Convention Drafts Action Plan for Critical Year Ahead

May 23, 2012 - FPSE News


There is a lot at stake for post-secondary educators over the next 12 months and this year’s convention has helped set the direction and priorities that will guide FPSE in the year ahead. Starting with a detailed discussion of the Federation’s proposed Action Plan and working through workshop debates, the convention has set an aggressive plan to ensure that collective bargaining, public policy, pension plan improvements and measures to ensure greater member involvement and communication all feature prominently in the organization’s work plan over the next 12 months. Read more...

2012 Election Results


The 2012 KFA Election closed on midnight on May 10th. A total of 363 faculty members participated in our first ever electronic vote. The following are the results of that election:

Education Policy

Number of Votes Cast For Balbir Gurm


Number of Votes Cast For Takashi Sato – Elected


Non-Regular Faculty

Number of Votes Cast For Michael Adams


Number of Votes Cast For Raphael Lagoutin


Number of Votes Cast For Jennifer Wolf – Elected


Status of Women

Number of Votes Cast For Ellen Faulkner


Number of Votes Cast For Val Innes – Elected


Vice-President, Negotiations

Number of Votes Cast For Bob Davis – Elected


Number of Votes Cast For Colin Green


Please join us in congratulating the successful candidates and in recognizing the hard work of those who were not elected.

Annual General Meeting Update

April 20, 2012


A few pictures from our well attended AGM on Tuesday, April 17th, 2012:



2012 KFA Elections Update

April 19, 2012


Message from Joel Murray, Officer Responsible for the Election:


As the Officer Responsible for the Election, I would like to congratulate the representatives who have been acclaimed:

  • Terri Van Steinburg, President
  • George Broderick, Business
  • Cecilia Martell, Humanities
  • Diane Walsh, Qualifying Studies
  • Ann Marie Davison, Disability Management and Rehabilitation
  • Terry Han, Human Rights and International Solidarity
  • Bill Burgess, Occupational Health and Safety
  • Suzanne Pearce, Pension Advisory Committee
  • Bob Fuhr, Professional and Scholarly Development

In accordance with By-Law 7.4.6, these acclamations were announced at the Annual General Meeting held on Tuesday, April 17, 2012.


Elections will be held as per By-Law 7.5 for the following positions (listed with candidates in alphabetical order of first name):

Vice-President Negotiations

  • Bob Davis
  • Colin Green

Non-Regular Faculty

  • Jennifer Wolf
  • Michael Adams
  • Raphael Lagoutin

Status of Women

  • Ellen Faulkner
  • Val Innes

Education Policy

  • Balbir Gurm
  • Takashi Sato

The election period will commence on May 1 and will end at midnight on May 10. The result of the elections will be announced by May 15.

2012 KFA Elections Information

March 29, 2012


2012 will mark the first electronic voting period for KFA Executive positions.  Information on the election process is as follows:

 Nomination Period – March 27 to April 16

The nomination period runs from March 27 until noon on April 16. During this period, nominations are to be made by email to the Chief Returning Officer, Erica Reimer, with a cc: to the nominee. The KFA will contact the nominee to request written consent that he/she will accept the nomination. Three calls for nominations will be made during this time period. In the event that the call for nominations results in only one nomination being received by the close of the nomination period, the nominee shall be acclaimed at the Annual General Meeting.

Nominations will be accepted for the following positions:

  • President
  • Vice-President – Negotiations
  • Business Representative*
  • Humanities Representative*
  • Qualifying Studies and Access Representative*
  • Non-Regular Faculty Representative*
  • Status of Women Representative
  • Disability Management and Rehabilitation Committee Representative
  • Education Policy Committee Representative
  • Occupational Health and Safety Representative
  • Pension Advisory Committee Representative
  • Professional and Scholarly Development Committee Representative
  • Human Rights and International Solidarity Committee Representative

All positions are two year terms running from June 1, 2012 to May 31, 2014.

 *Executive Representatives shall be elected by their constituencies only. All other positions are to be elected at large & are open to any member in good standing, as defined in Articles 1.1, 1.1.1, and 1.1.3 of the Constitution and By-Laws.

Annual General Meeting – April 17

The KFA Annual General Meeting will take place on Tuesday, April 17 from 3-5pm on the Surrey Campus in room 128 in the Fir Building. Any acclamations will be announced during this meeting. Candidate lists will be announced by email and posted to the KFA website the day after the AGM. Shortly after this, candidate statements will be added to the E-Vote website at http://kfa.bc-alter.net/.  Candidate statements will be available online until the end of the Electronic Voting Period.


Electronic Voting Period – May 1-May 10

The Electronic Voting Period will be begin May 1 and run until midnight on May 10.  All eligible voters will receive an email on May 1 from our E-Vote provider detailing the voting procedure. Election results will be announced by email and posted to the KFA website on May 15.


Additional Information

Additional details on the voting process are detailed in By-Law 8 of the approved Constitution and By-Laws. A timeline chart is also available outlining the new voting process.


For more information, please contact Erica Reimer, Chief Returning Officer, or Joel Murray, Officer Responsible for the Election.

Bill 18: BC Liberals Aren't Prepared to Listen

March 29, 2012 - FPSE News


Although it may have been a bad week for Premier Clark, at some point she needs to take a long hard look at why her party, her Cabinet and her government are in such disarray. If she were prepared to take that look, I would suggest she have another read of Bill 18, the Advanced Education Statutes Amendment Act. First introduced in November of last year, it has caused something of a firestorm in colleges, universities and institutes across BC because it proposes to strong arm faculty who want to be active in both their local faculty association and the Board of their local institution.

Had the Premier taken the time to listen, she would have realized just how out-of-step Bill 18 is. She would have realized that for as long as there have been public post-secondary institutions in BC there have been faculty-elected representatives on the Boards of those institutions. And for just as long, there has never been any bar on whether faculty-elected representatives could also be active in their local faculty association.  Read more...

Mediated process finds solution at Northwest Community College

March 29, 2012 - FPSE News


"With the help of the Labour Relations Board (LRB), we have made some real progress in our dispute with the administration at Northwest Community College (NWCC)," said Cindy Oliver, President of the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators. Oliver was referring to a decision by NWCC administrators to issue layoff notices to all faculty covered by the Academic Workers' Union's collective agreement. "The mediated process that the LRB undertook spanned two days of very intense discussion, but the outcome has been an agreement by the senior administration at NWCC to withdraw the original layoff notices that were issued in January and follow the process of faculty consultation detailed in the Academic Workers' Union (AWU) collective agreement," Oliver added. Read more...

International Women's Day: Celebrating Women's Successes

March 8, 2012 - FPSE News


As educators around BC rally and march for fairness and change in our schools we are reminded once again of the important link between the campaign for progressive change and the solidarity we build within our communities to secure those changes. On March 8, women around the globe show that solidarity and determination for progressive change by marking International Women's Day with rallies, celebrations and gatherings organized to advance the cause of women's rights.

In Canada, the struggle for equality still has a long way to go. Women's pay continues to lag that of men even though the work and skill required for those jobs are the same. Women are disproportionately affected by the determination of right-wing governments, whether it's at the provincial or federal level, to wage war on budget deficits by cutting public services or limiting access to important social benefits. And women in Canada are more likely to retire with significantly less pension coverage compared to men. Read more...

Teachers need our solidarity

March 5, 2012 - FPSE News


As every union in BC's public sector knows all too well, the BC Liberals have no regard for free collective bargaining. More to the point, the current provincial government seems to go out of its way to pick fights with the labour movement, a strategy that is designed to undermine our unity and mobilize the public against whatever union is the target of the government's latest campaign. BC's public school teachers are the latest target, but the government's strategy isn't working. Read more...

How can we possibly do more with less? Kevin Falcon says he wants “to challenge every institution to cut spending by 1%”

February 21, 2012


On the heels of today's 2012 Provincial Budget and on the eve of the next round of bargaining, our forum on Thursday, February 23, Bargaining In Today’s Economic Climate, is timely considering the budget just brought down by the BC Liberal government.  

Iglika Ivanova, presenter at our forum, researches and writes on issues of government finance and taxation and how they relate to the accessibility and quality of public services in BC and in turn to the quality of life of all British Columbians.  

Her comment on the 2012 BC budget is a must-read.  

Iglika is an knowledgeable, engaging presenter. You’ll be glad you attended.   I look forward to seeing you this Thursday. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to give me a call or send me e-mail.  

- Bob Davis
Vice-President, Negotiations

Budget 2012: Reduced spending means grim outlook for post-secondary education

February 21, 2012 - FPSE News


The Finance Minster says he wants to challenge our institutions to spend less, but his challenge comes on top of a decade-long trend in which his government has already cut real per-student funding by close to 9 per cent," said George Davison, Secretary Treasurer of the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators. Davison's comments came in reaction to the tabling of the 2012 BC Budget which forecasts reductions in capital spending for post-secondary institutions along with further pressure on post-secondary institutional operating grants. "This is not a good news budget for our institutions, the communities in which they operate, but most of all, for the students who want to access their post-secondary learning opportunities," Davison added. Read more...

Bargaining In Today's Economic Climate


BC Economic and Fiscal Update: Impacts on Public Sector Bargaining

BC is officially out of the recession, but the slow recovery continues to take its toll on the public sector. Public interest rsearcher & economist, Iglika Ivanoka, speaks on the market conditions that affect bargaining and identifies how these conditions set bargaining agendas and predict trends.

Guest Speaker: Iglika Ivanova
Public Interest Researcher
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Iglika Ivanova researches and writes on issues of government finance and taxation, how they relate to the accessibility and quality of public services in BC and in turn to the quality of life of all British Columbians.  She holds an MA in Economics from the University of British Columbia.

When: Thursday, February 23, 2012
2:00 to 4:00 pm
Where: Conference Centre, Room 2550 Richmond Campus


Becoming a University: Myths and Realities

January 23, 2012

Kwantlen is approaching the fourth anniversary (April 8) of the provincial government’s announcement that we were to become a special purpose, teaching university. In the fall of 2008, the Kwantlen Faculty Association invited Jim Turk, Executive Director of the Canadian Association of University Teachers (CAUT), to speak to the membership about becoming a university. CAUT is the national voice for academic staff. Representing more than 66,000 teachers, librarians, researchers and other academic professionals and general staff, CAUT is an outspoken defender of academic freedom and works actively in the public interest to improve the quality and accessibility of post-secondary education in Canada

What Jim has to say is just as important today as it was back in 2008, when he made this presentation. View the presentation online here.

Labour Management Relations Committee Resuming January 19

January 23, 2012

The Labour Management Relations Committee (LMRC) is resuming its work; the first meeting is January 19. Previously, under Article of our Bylaws, LMRC was suspended during bargaining, leading to the loss of an important venue for dealing with the contractual and non-contractual issues that arose during the daily business of the institution, as well as an appeal body for specific university policies, procedures, or decisions not covered by the Collective Agreement. At the Fall GM, members approved a change to the Bylaws which changes the term of office of LMRC Representatives, enabling the committee to continue sitting during bargaining. Please contact your campus representatives with any contractual or non-contractual concerns you may have.

Labour Management Relations Committee

KFA: Bob Davis
Joel Murray
Terri Van Steinburg (ex officio)
John Jones (Langley)
Gillian Dearle (Richmond)
Wendy Belter (Surrey)
Al Sumal (Cloverdale)
Employer: Harry Gray
Anne Lavack
Christine Crowe
Jane Fee
Linda Heska


Committees Agreed to in the 2010-2012 Round of Bargaining   

January 13, 2012

The committees will report joint recommendations back to the parties to inform the 2012 round of bargaining.

Workload Committee
KFA: Bob Davis
Joel Murray
Terri Van Steinburg
Employer: Harry Gray
Anne Lavack
Gordon Lee

The topic of workload and class size has been debated for many years at Kwantlen by both parties. In the 2010-2012 negotiations, the KFA proposed an increase in time release for faculty members to participate in certain new roles and committees related to Kwantlen’s status as a special purpose, teaching university. In the same negotiations, the Employer proposed ways in which class sizes could change to increase the accessibility of students to a wider variety of classes and to allow for time release for certain purposes.

Health and Safety Education Committee
KFA: Bob Davis
Wade Deisman
Tally Wade (alternate)
Employer: Wayne Tebb
Pablo Dobud

This committee will recommend changes to how health and safety information will be communicated and how faculty are educated trained prior to commencing work and through the course of their employment. The committee will develop a plan which will address the roll-out and implementation of communication and training using materials and various methods of communication.

Continuing and Professional Studies Sub-Committee
KFA: Bob Davis
Joel Murray
Gillian Dearle
Diane Walsh
Bev O’Malley
Employer: Anne Lavak
Harry Gray y Gray
Gordon Lee
Tru Freeman
Christine Crowe

This joint sub-committee of the two bargaining teams was struck during bargaining, and will continue until March 31, 2012, as more work needs to be done. The sub-committee has completed phase one by reporting to the bargaining teams the results of a joint review of the history of continuing and professional studies and Kwantlen and has identified issues and common and divergent interests. Phase two, which involves the formulation of recommendations for amendment of the Collective Agreement to bridge the common and divergent interest and issues, must still be completed.


KFA Scholarship Recipients    

January 9, 2012

The Kwantlen Faculty Association continued  its commitment to support Kwantlen students at the 23rd Annual Scholarships and Awards Ceremony. This year’s recipients of the Kwantlen Faculty Association Awards are Antony Mudim (Criminology), Saritha Kunjukrishnannair Saradamma (Nursing), and Scott Campbell (Appliance Servicing). The recipient of the Kwantlen Faculty Association Ecole Polytechnique Memorial Award is Sabreen Sherwani (Engineering). Congratulations to these outstanding students.