News & Updates - 2009


KFA Presentation to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services  

October 16, 2009

On October 16, 2009, Joel Murray, Member-at-Large, made a presentation on behalf of the KFA to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. His presentation spoke to such issues as the lack of proper funding for post-secondary education over the past decade, the real-life result of this underfunding in terms of the effect on students, and the demographic changes that will require the increase of post-secondary graduates. It also offered solutions for the committee to include in its final report and beseeched the government to fund education.

To view the full presentation, click here.

AGM Update & Election Results 

April 29, 2009

Thanks to all who attended our Annual General Meeting on Friday afternoon, April 24. 

At this meeting, the membership approved the 2009-2010 budget, including a dues increase to 1.95% effective June 1, 2009. This change will be reflected on your June 19, 2009 pay.

As well, we held elections for a number of important positions and here are the results:

Table Officers
Vice-President-Grievances: Maureen Shaw
Member-at-Large: Joel Murray
Secretary-Treasurer: Suzanne Pearce

Access: Ronnie Skolnick
Applied Design: Vacant
Community & Health Studies: Vacant
Learner Support: Robyn Rushford
Science & Applied Science: Jane Hobson
Social Sciences & Related Studies: Greg Jenion
Trades/Tech/Horticulture: Tim Groves
Ombudsperson: Panteli Tritchew

Working Conditions Committee
Access: Ronnie Skolnick
Applied Design: Vacant
Business: Joel Whittemore
Community & Health Studies: Balbir Gurm
Humanities: Karen Inglis
Non-Regular Faculty: Dave Harvey
Learner Support: Caroline Daniels
Science & Applied Science: Mike Coombs
Social Sciences & Related Studies: Bill Burgess
Trades/Tech/Horticulture: Tim Groves
Status of Women: Gillian Dearle

Please join the KFA in congratulating the successful candidates and in recognizing the hard work of those who are not continuing.  


KFA Supports Kwantlen Students at 20th Annual Scholarship and Award Ceremony  

March 25, 2009

The Kwantlen Faculty Association continued with its commitment to support Kwantlen students at this years Scholarship and Award Ceremony. This years recipients of the Kwantlen Faculty Association Awards were Bryce Akey (Carpentry), Ling Zeng (Accounting) and Xiu Yan Chu (Accounting). The recipient of the Kwantlen Faculty Association Ecole Polytechnique Memorial Award was Christina Akesson (Drafting).

Xiu Yan Chu expressed these thanks to the KFA:

"I'm so delighted that I can receive the award.  With your encouragement I have more confidence to fulfill my dream to become a CGA."


United Way Honours FPSE and Kwantlen Faculty Association  

March 05, 2009 - FPSE News

Last week, the KFA was honoured to receive the United Way Union Spirit Award. Bob Davis, KFA Vice President Negotiations (pictured below with FPSE Secretary Treasurer Dileep Athaide), received this award on our behalf (read story below). We are very pleased to have our contributions recognized in this way.

For over 30 years the labour movement has shown tremendous support for communities through a valuable partnership with United Way. On February 26th, the United Way acknowledged the leadership role that various unions have played in building a strong community partnership. The awards are called the Union Spirit Award and it recognizes a union committed to furthering the shared common values of a caring, healthy and inclusive community through the work of its members in support of United Way.

This year, our organization was recognized for its commitment to those values. Both the FPSE provincial office and Local 5, the Kwantlen Faculty Association were awarded Union Spirit Awards for their tremendous contribution to making a difference in the lives of people in the Lower Mainland.

Over the years, both FPSE and Local 5, have actively supported United Way. Local 5 in particular has distinguished itself through the Kwantlen Campaign, where it has succeeded in once again securing 100% participation by Union officers and staff.

Local 5 is also committed to the success of the CLC United Way Union Counseling program, which provides peer support in the workplace and referrals to community agencies where appropriate. The local is actively involved in training members. They’ve even taken the extra step of creating an internal committee to ensure the program’s continued expansion.

Since 2007, the FPSE provincial office has had a member on the United Way Campaign Labour Committee as Co-Chair. The office has also actively encouraged support of United Way and participation in the CLC United Way Union Counseling program among provincial members and institutions.

Congratulations to the staff and members of both organizations. You’re making a real difference in the lives of those in need in your community.


Fiscal shell game leaves post-secondary empty handed   

February 19, 2009

"British Columbians were looking for answers in this budget and the Minister is just offering up a fiscal shell game," said Cindy Oliver, President of the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators. "The Minister claims that there is more money for post-secondary education, but most of that money is coming from federal transfers, not new commitments from the provincial treasury," Oliver added.

"Our organization released a poll last week that showed a strong majority of British Columbians wanted to see major investments in post-secondary education. This budget comes nowhere close to meeting those needs. Operating grants to post-secondary institutions are virtually flat-lined in this budget, leaving no capacity to improve access or affordability," Oliver added. Read more...