News & Updates - 2007


Submission to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services

October 17, 2007

Terri Van Steinburg, President, presented the following  recommendations for the 2008 provincial budget to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services on Thursday October 11th, 2007 in Surrey: 

1) Make affordable public post-secondary education a major priority in the February 2008 provincial budget. We know there is a skills gap that we need to close. We also know that our skills shortage can only be solved by investing more in post-secondary skills. That investment needs to work on many fronts including a much stronger and more effective working relationship between our public post-secondary institutions and the Industry Training Authority (ITA). Our public institutions, including Kwantlen, currently deliver close to 90 % of trades training, but have little input into ITA’s planning process.
2) Give public post-secondary institutions the funding necessary so that operating budgets of institutions like Kwantlen University College can provide more access to educational opportunities that our students need to begin and complete their post-secondary education.
3) As a specific target for better funding, the 2008 provincial budget should allocate an additional $200 million for public post-secondary education. That would represent a 10% lift in the Ministry of Advanced Education’s budget and would put it in a position to bring real per-student funding back to the level it was in 2001.
4) Endorse the call for tuition fee relief. Student groups have, in previous budget consultations, asked for a 10% reduction in tuition fees. We support that call and believe that such a move would send a strong signal to existing and potential post-secondary students that BC is serious about supporting those interested in post-secondary education.
5) Bring back the student grant program. It was eliminated in 2001-02 and has simply added to the growing debt burden that is discouraging students from either entering or completing their post-secondary education.

For a copy of the entire submission to the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services, click here.


Personal Professional Development Reminder

January 16, 2007

All Regular and Non-regular Type 2 Faculty Members: Personal Professional Development requests must be received in the Finance Department at Newton Campus by March 15, 2007, for the fiscal year April 1, 2006-March 31, 2007. The allocation for the current fiscal year is $100.00.

Some eligible expenses are: travel; registration and tuition fees; expenses related to meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars or other similar professional activities not covered by other funds; membership fees in learned societies, service organizations and professional organizations; books, subscriptions to newspapers, scholarly and professional journals; computer software.

Please note: Subscriptions are pro-rated for the current fiscal year. Hardware (computer or otherwise) is not covered. Stationery, supplies, internet expenses are not eligible. Claims for parking, mileage, etc., must be accompanied by confirmation of attendance at the workshop or meeting that the claim covers. On-line book orders must show payment information.

To be reimbursed: Requests must be made on an expense report with original receipts attached. Receipts must be dated in the current fiscal year. Expense reports for personal PD requests do not require departmental approval – they may be forwarded directly to Finance.

Please forward your requests to Finance as early as possible to ensure they are reimbursed prior to the March 15 deadline. Claims received after March 15 will be returned to the employee.