News & Updates - 2006


Kwantlen Faculty Association Membership Unanimously Endorses Bargaining Demands

October 4, 2006

At a General Membership Meeting September 29, 2006 KFA members voted unanimously to endorse our bargaining demands for the upcoming round of negotiations. Vice-President Maureen Shaw reviewed recent public sector settlements and pointed out “no other public sector union has accepted concessions and we will not accept them either.” In particular, the BCTF settlement addressed a number of bargaining issues.  All public sector settlements to date have included a salary lift as well as the bonus set aside by the government to ensure labour peace through to 2010.  “KFA members expect no less,” Shaw said.  Read more...


Arbitrator Backs Union's Interpretation of Memorandum 

August 29, 2006 - FPSE News

In a decision that will have important benefits for all locals, labour arbitrator Vince Ready has ruled that a letter of understanding and ensuing process and criteria document dealing with professional development is subject to the grievance provisions in our collective agreements. The arbitration was initiated after the KFA was told by their senior administration that their 2005 letter of understanding on professional development could not be grieved.

The letter of understanding on professional development was part of Kwantlen’s March 2005 Memorandum of Agreement which detailed the terms and conditions for renewing their 2004-2007 collective agreement. As Ready noted in his decision, the Memorandum "states unequivocally that the Collective Agreement shall include the letter of understanding on professional development funding negotiated at the Multi-Institutional Discussions (MID) table." From Ready’s perspective, that inclusion in the collective agreement meant that the letter and process and criteria document were subject to the grievance and arbitration provisions of the agreement.

For the full text of the Ready decision click here.


FPSE Campaign For Developmental Education Programs Is Starting To Have An Impact

August 1, 2006 - FPSE News

"Holding governments accountable for proper funding of much-needed programs is never easy, but this latest announcement shows our lobby efforts are starting to have an impact," said Cindy Oliver, President of the Federation of Post-Secondary Educators (FPSE). Oliver was referring to a mid-July announcement from the Ministry of Advanced Education that funding for Developmental Education programs would be increased by close to $4 million in the coming months."  Read more...

Ministry of Advanced Education Press Release


Campus 2020 Initiative Raises More Questions Than Vision for BC's Post-Secondary Education System

July 26, 2006 - FPSE News

Amid much fanfare and media hype, Premier Campbell took to the podium at a press conference in mid-July to announce the launch of Campus 2020. The initiative will focus on the future of post-secondary education and bring forward recommendations for change in the Spring of 2007. 

So far, so good. A comprehensive review of the public post-secondary system is something that our Federation has been pressing the provincial government to initiate for more than five years. The fact that the Premier was now prepared to take that initiative was certainly a step in the right direction.

However, the way in which that review is to be conducted and the extent to which those who work and teach in BC’s post-secondary education system are being excluded from this process sends a troubling message to those of us concerned about the future of the public post-secondary education system.  Instead of launching a review process that incorporates the experience of those currently teaching in the post-secondary system, Campus 2020 will be led by a former BC Liberal Cabinet Minister, Geoff Plant, and three academics from outside BC. Moreover, the review will concentrate much of its analysis on "the next generation of students" rather than address some of the urgent problems facing today’s students. Read more...


Inflation Adjustment and Your Pension

April 5, 2006 - FPSE News

The following is an excellent summary of the possible responses to the impact of inflation on the value of our future pensions written by FPSE Vice-President, Malaspina Faculty Association Vice-President and Pension Plan Trustee Dominique Roelants:

What is the Problem
While the defined benefit of our pension plan is guaranteed there is no promise made by the pension plan to protect your pension from the effects of inflation. At this point, the pension plan uses funds from an account called the Inflation Adjustment Account (the "IAA"). While that account currently has a significant balance and while employees continue to contribute money to the IAA, the balance and the amount being contributed are not sufficient to fully fund inflation protection. 

To give you an understanding of the impact of inflation all you need to do is consider that over 40% of the pension payments made last year to a person who retired in 1985 were because of indexing for inflation. In other words, if there had been no inflation protection then the purchasing power of the pensioner who retired in 1985 would have been reduced by over 40 percent. 

Because of the concerns about the impact of inflation on our pensions one of the FPSE College Pension Plan Trustees spoke to the recent FPSE Bargaining Conference about the impact of inflation, the IAA and how to potentially address the inflation problem. This web page discusses the options that your union (FPSE) could use to try and solve the inflation problem.

For the complete article, please visit


.6% Faculty Professional Development Fund

February 15, 2006

The KFA and management have at long last agreed to implement the .6% Faculty Professional Development Fund, the value of it being around $240,000.

Because of the delay in implementation, this fund will be available only once this fiscal year and the approved applications will be likely paid out the next fiscal year (after March 31, 2006.)

Here are the criteria:

All proposals will be assessed against the following:

  • Degree to which professional development, performance, expertise and/or career plans of the applicant(s) are enhanced.
  • Degree to which the proposal is related to the applicant’s work at Kwantlen Polytechnic University, including benefits to the applicant, the institution and students.

Institutional priorities will be considered in the assessment of all proposals. Such priorities will assist faculty to remain current and active in their discipline and program. Priorities will be included in the communication calling for proposals.

Examples of activities could include the following:

  • Tuition for degree completion
  • Industry based or specialty training
  • Approved replacement costs for specific training
  • Leave from teaching for Research and/or Scholarship

Here is the process for this year:

All faculty members are eligible to apply to this fund, though preference will be given to post probationary faculty.

Application process:

  • Call for proposals late January
  • Deadline for applications: February 24, 2006
  • Applications reviewed by a KFA committee of 3 members and 3 administrators
  • Recommendations to Senior Administrators who will give final approval
  • Decision made by March 24, 2006

Other guidelines:

  • Minimum award: $1000
  • Maximum award: one year time release (in exceptional circumstances)
  • All applications must include a letter of recommendation from the appropriate Dean
  • For applications up to $20,000, 2 letters of reference from faculty colleagues
  • For applications over $20,000, an additional external letter of reference

We also will be pursuing legally the answer to the issue of whether this process will be part of our collective agreement and grievable. The KFA and the administration agreed to disagree on this point in order to get the fund implemented.

If you have any questions, please contact Maureen Shaw (local 2149), Terri Van Steinburg (local 2259) or Mary Griffin (local 2151).