Frequently Asked Questions


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Where do I find the collective agreement?

A copy of the collective agreement can be found online on our web site. If you are interested in receiving a hard copy of this agreement, please contact our administrative assistant, Kyla.Rand.



Whom do I contact if I need help about an issue related to my contract?

Your first contact should be your Executive Representative according to your department:

  • Science/Applied Science Studies, Technology & HorticultureApplied Science, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Protection, Horticulture, Mathematics, Physics
  • BusinessAccounting, Applied Communications, Business Administration, Business Management, Business Quants, Computer Business Systems, Computer Science & Info Systems, Economics, Human Resources Management, Legal Administrative Studies, Marketing
  • Humanities: Creative Writing, English, Philosophy, Fine Arts, Modern Languages, Music
  • Community and Health Studies: Nursing, Wellness Centre, Community Support Worker, Gerontology-Based Recreation, Health Unit Clerk, Graduate Nurse, Nursing Resource Centre, Resident Care Attendant/Home Support, Special Education Teacher Assistant
  • Trades & Technology: Appliance Servicing, Auto Parts, Auto Service Technician, Carpentry, Drafting, Electrical, Farrier, Masonry, Metal Fabrication, Plumbing, Millwright, Public Safety Communications, Welding
  • Social Sciences: Anthropology, Criminology, Geology/Geography, History, Sociology, Psychology, Political Science
  • Applied Arts: Applied Design, Fashion Design, Interior Design, Interdisciplinary Design Studies, Journalism, Graphics Design for Marketing, Public Relations
  • Qualifying Studies and Access: Academic and Career Preparation, Access Programs for People with Disabilities, Career Choices & Life Success, English Language Studies, Special Needs
  • Learner Support and Co-op: Library, Counselling, Cooperative Education,  Learning Centre, Learning Communities, Learning & Professional Development Services

For general union information, you can also contact the union office at 604-599-2200.



What do I do if I am not being paid the correct amount of money?

Contact your Executive Representative right away. Your representative and/or the Vice-President-Grievances will investigate on your behalf to ensure that you are paid at the appropriate step on the salary scale.



Who do I contact if I am ill and unable to work?

Contact the Kwantlen switchboard at 604-599-2100. The switchboard will take your name and course number, and ask you where and when you are teaching. The switchboard will see that a cancellation notice appears on your classroom door and notify your Dean of your illness. Most faculty members are entitled to 30 days’ sick leave a year. See Article 15 of the Collective Agreement for details.



How can I get involved with the KFA?

Contact your Executive Representative or any of the Table Officers and let them know of your interest. We warmly welcome volunteers!



What do I do about students who want into a section that is already full?

Instructors do not have the authority to allow students into a full section. Requests for enrolling an extra student are sent by the Kwantlen to the KFA Vice-President-Grievances who, in turn, informs the faculty member of the request. There is a limit of one student per section for enrolment overloads, and faculty are under no obligation to accept an extra student.



Where do I get my Kwantlen ID card?

Kwantlen “Smart Cards” are obtained at any Campus Library. They act as your library card and hold a cash balance for photocopying. Once the balance on your card runs out, you can have it refilled at any Campus Bookstore.



Where can I find my class lists? Can I submit grades online?

 To access your class lists and, at the end of term, to submit grades using the web, visit & login using your Banner . 



What about parking?

To park in one of the College parking lots, you must buy either a daily parking ticket or purchase a parking pass. Daily tickets cost $3.50 for up to 4 hours and $5.00 for longer than 4 hours. Parking also can be purchased by the semester or by the year. Yearly unreserved parking costs $160. Reserved parking costs $200 per year. Parking permit applications may be purchased online from Impark's website.



Am I eligible for Personal PD?

If you are a type 2 non-regular faculty member or a regularized faculty member, you are eligible for $100 Personal PD per fiscal year. Submit your Personal PD claims directly to the Finance Department on a Kwantlen Expense Report by March 15. Claims received after this date will be returned to the faculty member. Original receipts must accompany all claims for reimbursement and fall within the current fiscal year.




What are considered to be eligible expenses for Personal PD?

Some eligible expenses are:  travel; registration and tuition fees; expenses related to meetings, conferences, workshops, seminars or other similar professional activities not covered by other funds; membership fees in learned societies, service organizations and professional organizations; books, subscriptions to newspapers, scholarly and professional journals; computer software.

Please note:  Subscriptions are pro-rated for the current fiscal year. Hardware (computer or otherwise) is not covered. Stationery, supplies, internet expenses are not eligible. Claims for parking, mileage, etc., must be accompanied by confirmation of attendance at the workshop or meeting that the claim covers. On-line book orders must show payment information.

To be reimbursed:  Requests must be made on an expense report with original receipts attached. Receipts must be dated in the current fiscal year. Expense reports for personal PD requests do not require departmental approval – they may be forwarded directly to Finance.

Please forward your requests to Finance as early as possible to ensure they are reimbursed prior to the March 15 deadline. Claims received after March 15 will be returned to the employee.



What Professional Development funds are available to me?

Having trouble figuring out what is available for professional development funding? The KFA has developed a handy comparison chart to simplify matters.

Download a copy here: PD Comparison.



Where can I find the Chair/Co-ordinator Guidelines?

The guidelines regarding chairs and co-ordinators can be found online on the HR website.



Can I take a course at Kwantlen for free?

Regular faculty members are able to take register in credit courses at Kwantlen at no cost, based on the following guidelines:

  1.  Tuition fees will be waived for regular faculty members who apply for credit courses.
  2. The total value of courses taken in a calendar year shall not exceed 9 credits.
  3.  Any supplies, books or fees required for the course are the responsibility of the employee.
  4. In the event that the employee does not successfully complete a credit course or terminates employment before the completion, the employer is authorized to deduct the total tuition for the credit course from the employee's payroll cheque.

Find the application form here: Employee Application for University Study Benefits



Where can I find information on the Performance Review process?

All documents related to Faculty Performance Review can be found on the HR website - Faculty Performance Review Documents.