Dear Kwantlen Faculty Association Members,

Welcome to the Spring 2017 semester!

The Faculty Association was very busy last fall on a number of complex issues, and this work continues into 2017. We have also been actively involved in search committees for a number of appointments and reappointments for senior administrative positions and work continues. Serving on search and reappointment committees is a time-intensive process and we’d like to thank all of our representatives who have stepped up for this important service to both the KFA and to KPU.

We remain vigilant on Kwantlen’s approach to Continuing and Professional Studies (CPS) and have used the grievance process to ensure that Kwantlen’s CPS framework benefits KPU’s community, provides revenue for the employer, and protects faculty rights and work. We have been involved in numerous other discussions with the Employer to defend the rights and working conditions of our members, sometimes through informal resolution and when necessary through the formal grievance process. In addition, we continue to work on behalf of faculty to mitigate layoffs where notice has been given.



Governance Workshop: We are pleased to announce that we are sponsoring a governance workshop for all faculty who serve on Senate and Faculty Councils on February 14, from 12:00-2:00. (Lunch will be provided.)

Multimedia Art and Storytelling Contest: We are excited to provide faculty with the opportunity to tell their stories about how post-secondary education has transformed their lives in our Open The Doors, Multimedia Art and Storytelling Contest. This contest is open to all KPU students, alumni and faculty. Contest closes on March 17, and winners will be invited to an awards gala. More details can be found here.

We extend our sincere appreciation to the numerous faculty who have served on our Executive committee and numerous other standing and ad hoc committees throughout the year. We could not fight for and protect our rights, benefits and working conditions without your participation and support.  If you would like to serve as a KFA appointee for a search committee or another committee, feel free to contact any one of us below.

Don’t hesitate to contact the Faculty Association office at 599-2200 if you have any questions or concerns regarding our Collective Agreement or any aspect of your terms of employment.


Wishing you a great Spring 2017 semester!


Bob, Gillian, Diane, Suzanne, Panteli, Kyla and Maureen.