March 1, 2016

To all Kwantlen Faculty Association members,


At the KFA Executive meeting on February 10, 2016, the Executive passed the following motion: That the Table Officers prepare a statement to be read into LMRC minutes expressing opposition and concern over KPU Listens and that the statement be reported to the Executive and membership. 

Accordingly, the following statement (in italics below) was delivered at the February 22nd Labour Management Relations Committee (LMRC) meeting:

      On behalf of the Kwantlen Faculty Association membership, we would like share with you the following statement, and we would like this statement recorded in the minutes:

      In an announcement made Monday, January 18, KPU Listens was presented as the mechanism for employees to report cases of perceived workplace misconduct confidentially and anonymously.  While the Kwantlen Faculty Association understands that KPU as public sector employer is required to have a process that allows for employees to report perceived violations of an institution’s code of conduct without fear of retaliation, we point out that this does not necessarily include anonymous reporting. In the wake of concerns brought to us by our membership, we have assured our members that the Protected Disclosure Policy (HR24) and KPU Listens in no way supersede the Collective Agreement or existing policies and procedures.

In addition, we would like to share some concerns our membership has expressed with KPU Listens and the Protected Disclosure Policy it is intended to serve. These are:

  • that the definitions of misconduct in KPU's policy - such as "injurious to KPU's interests" - are too broad and may lead to vexatious complaints against faculty.

  • that KPU Listens has been presented as a mechanism operated by third-party service (Clearview), but is actually operated by reviewers who are contracted directly by KPU.

  • that this reporting mechanism may foster an atmosphere of surveillance and suspicion within the institution.

We are here to support you:

  • If you are contacted regarding a complaint made against you, please get in touch with us immediately and we will provide you with representation and ensure your Collective Agreement rights are upheld.

  • If you encounter a situation that you feel requires you take some kind of action, we encourage you to consult with your KFA. We can advise you on the most appropriate Collective Agreement provision or KPU policy or procedure to address your workplace concerns.


In solidarity,

Bob Davis, Gillian Dearle, Diane Walsh, Panteli Tritchew, and Suzanne Pearce


February 3, 2016

To all KFA members,


As announced on January 18, KPU has created a mechanism (KPU Listens) to allow the KPU community to report confidentially and anonymously on the items in the Protected Disclosure Policy (H24). Section A2 of the policy states:


So that the University can take prompt corrective action, members of the University community are encouraged to disclose any conduct they observe or encounter in the context of University activities that they reasonably believe to be dishonest, unethical, irregular, or appear to involve conflict of interest or commitment, abuse of public trust, or that are potentially unlawful, dangerous to any person, or injurious to KPU’s interests.


In our view, this quotation from the policy limits the scope of its application to the infractions noted above. Issues brought forward through this venue are subject to existing Collective Agreement provisions and University policies/procedures.


Collective Agreement processes do not allow for anonymous complaints. Furthermore, should a KFA member be the subject of any action resulting from the application of KPU Listens, the KFA wants to assure you we will uphold the Collective Agreement.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Bob Davis