Dealing With Disruptive Or Distressed Students

Faculty who are trying to deal with disruptive or distressed students may not know what steps to follow or what resources they can access. Your KFA has developed the following flowchart to help you (please see below). The link here takes you to a readable and printable .pdf version of the flowchart together with some handy resources.

Further down on this page, you will see some additional resources, phone numbers and so on.   

Questions? Comments? Please contact Bob Davis.




Article 20.04 of the Collective Agreement states:

"Faculty members have the right to remove themselves from any situation in which they perceive an immediate threat of violence to themselves by a student or by another employee of the University. Faculty members have the right to remain away from the workspace if they continue to perceive themselves to remain under threat until such time as the Employer has taken action to resolve the situation"

Invoking this clause requires Faculty to inform their Dean as soon as possible. In addition, contact your KFA.


Learning Centre

Surrey           604.599.2437
Richmond     604.599.3454
Cloverdale    604.598.6062
Langley         604.599.3444

Surrey           778.578.6312
Richmond     604.244.0130
Cloverdale    604.574.2840
Langley         604.514.0297

Services for Students with Disabilities

Facilities / First Aid 
Surrey          604.599.2076         
Richmond   604.599.2676
Cloverdale  604.598.6076
Counselling Services Reception

Surrey           604.599.2044
Richmond     604.599.2600
Cloverdale    604.598.6044
Langley         604.599.3213

Crisis Lines

South Fraser Regional Crisis Line

Richmond 604.279.7070

Early Alert

Student Judicial Affairs

Kwantlen Faculty Association



Calling 911

If you are dealing with a student who is at an immediate risk of harming his or her self or others, or has already harmed his or her self,

  • Call 911

  • Ask for Police assistance

  • You will be asked for your name and contact information for record-keeping purposes. You can decline to offer your name and contact information

  • Tell the operator where you are on campus

  • Make clear what the problem is: if the Police are aware in advance that they are dealing with a mental health issue, they will be better able to respond appropriately

  • If you are in Surrey, "Car 67" may be dispatched to assist with a suicide threat: Car 67 provides an officer and a psychiatric nurse who are specially trained to respond to emotional and mental health issues

  • Inform Security that you have called 911