KFA/KPU Bargaining Update


Dear KFA Members,

On April 29, 2015, your KFA Bargaining Team met with the Employer's team in our first full day of bargaining for this round.

We presented a summary of our proposals and followed up with the tabling specific language for 60% of our proposals.  The Employer gave an opening statement, presented their summary document and tabled most of their proposals.

We are scheduled to meet April 30, 2015 on the Surrey campus to continue tabling proposals and seek clarification. We have further dates scheduled starting May 19, 2015,  thru to the end of the month. 

Stay tuned. 

Your Bargaining Team,

Bob Davis

Terri Van Steinburg

Lesley Burke O’Flynn

Michael Adams

Raphael Lagoutin

Suzanne Pearce

Jeffrey Shantz

Diane Walsh




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