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To all KFA members,


As announced on January 18, KPU has created a mechanism (KPU Listens) to allow the KPU community to report confidentially and anonymously on the items in the Protected Disclosure Policy (H24). Section A2 of the policy states:


So that the University can take prompt corrective action, members of the University community are encouraged to disclose any conduct they observe or encounter in the context of University activities that they reasonably believe to be dishonest, unethical, irregular, or appear to involve conflict of interest or commitment, abuse of public trust, or that are potentially unlawful, dangerous to any person, or injurious to KPU’s interests.


In our view, this quotation from the policy limits the scope of its application to the infractions noted above. Issues brought forward through this venue are subject to existing Collective Agreement provisions and University policies/procedures.


Collective Agreement processes do not allow for anonymous complaints. Furthermore, should a KFA member be the subject of any action resulting from the application of KPU Listens, the KFA wants to assure you we will uphold the Collective Agreement.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Bob Davis



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